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London Collections: MEN

There isn’t even a slightest wonder what every fashion conscious man in London was up to this weekend. The first and most exciting menswear London Fashion week, well three days to be precise, brought all of the British talents together to present the next season’s SS 2013 collections.

Starting with the opening events on Thursday night, followed by the shows of the Lou Dalton, Oliver Spencer and Christopher Raeburn, closed by Burberry event the past three days have invited all of us to indulge in the finest of the menswear and allowed us to start planning the next season wardrobe. By the looks of it the colour blocking is out, the sharp tailoring remains and the muted colours are the winners.


Lou Dalron SS13Lou Dalton for the next season chose to present a simple and casual man with a touch of street style.

Hacket SS13

  Hackett brought the best of the British savile row with its variety of tailored suits. However the summer vibes more than felt from the mix&match prints ranging from simple stripes to paisley prints.

Topman SS13

Topman as per usual presented a youthful, carefree and most certainly noticeable collection. The colour blocking may be out but rocking one colour dominating outfit will most certainly be the next season’s hottest trend.


E. Tautz SS13

As ever precise, tailored, clean cut dominating, masculine only with a hint of vivid popping colours E. Tautz collection has definitely stole my heart.

Katie Eary SS13

Inspired by the undersea world, dominated by turquoise blues, golds and fish prints Katie Eary’s collection was yet one another attention drawing collection.

James Long SS13James Long SS 2013 collection was more than not just summery. Black knee-lenght shorts matched with white shirt or black printed jumpers seemed to be the next season’s key look. As the biggest fan of black I am over the moon to see that this colour is included in next season!


Omar Kashoura SS13

Omar Kashoura as always clean and masculine.


I (am not sure if) <3 London

When living in London whilst being single and only having one or two true friends you will find yourself with the freedom of being on your own and the ability of doing whatever you wish. However you will also face the fact that whilst being alone the days become longer, places feel lonelier and quickly you will run out of options of doing something excited.

I have always been a very closed, private in other words, person. I never had too many friends or even acquaintances that I would spend time with. I’ve always preferred my own company and that was mostly because of the freedom. Over time magazines, books or my laptop have become my most reliable companion on the days out and about the city but recently I came to realisation that that’s not enough and I need more.

London the place where you pass masses of people everyday no matter in which part of the city you are can become more of an exhaustion than excitement. I remember when I’ve just moved here and all of it excited me but now it only annoys me that the seats in the tube are taken by tourists after their big splurges in Selfridges and Starbuck’s outside tables are seated with the school boys and girls from all around the world with their massive Primark bags. It is also upsetting that even the up to 70% off designer labels’ sales in the biggest departments stores in London are still far away from the affordable price point just because of the expensiveness of London.

I know I am still young and a lot of is meant to come my way but I am not sure whether I can wait. I want the movie-fabulous life and I want it now. This is just not doing for me no more.

Sun loved Barcelona

I’ve spent a few days in Barcelona where I had my summer romance and danced salsa on the beach until the sunrise. [more photos]

Martin Margiela for H&M

So as of today Martin Margiela is confirmed to be the next designer collaboration with the high street brand H&M. Hopefully this time it’s as affordable as the last collaborations with a tiny bit of improvement in quality. Definitely looking forward to it!

When the dreams get to you

I am sat here in this little room in East London staring at the blank walls with the blank mind. I remember when all of this was what I wanted. But then I sat at home and stared at the blank walls far far away from London. I dreamed big maybe because I was young, or naive, or eager. Eager to do things. Eager to stand by my choice. And most importantly eager to go for it no matter what.

I know it’s only a phase and I know I’ll be over it soon but it hurts. It terribly hurts to admit that I’m doubting myself in this little room in East London of which I dreamed when I was younger. It hurts that I am getting tired to get up and do things for one or another reason. And it really hurts that dreams do not come true as simply as I have imagined them to do.

And so I thought I need a place to express my own feelings other than speaking to myself whilst I am alone in my room and that’s what I will be using this blog space for.