by loonelyboy

I’ve created this blog almost exactly a year ago when doubting not only myself but also my choices. Once the long warm evenings and sunny days were replaced with dark cold nights and falling leaves I have abandoned it not because I did not have what to write about or suddenly became incredibly happy but because I had to get back to the harsh reality of the second year student’s life.

And so I did up until last week when I sticked the last picture in my sketchbook and printed out the last page of my portfolio. Days later I decided to crawl back into my safe cyber space to realise that I have forgotten all about it: the email address used to create the account, the account name and the passwords for the above. After a million tries I still could not get in and it got me thinking about the idea of a ‘password’.

As the English dictionary may suggest pass·word  /ˈpasˌwərd/ is a secret word or phrase that must be used to gain admission to something. As somebody who’s got three email accounts, two tumblr blogs, profiles on facebook, twitter and instagram and not to even start with online banking and another million websites that I have signed up to and got a password for every single one of them I couldn’t help but wonder whether having a password really helps or does it just make our lives harder? And do we by creating a password only try to protect our privacy online or do we bring it in our real lives?

I for once most probably have a few if not many passwords in my personal life- that little action or a sentence that is needed to unlock the protected from the people that surround me.