Birthday Boy

by loonelyboy

Birthday- the one day in a year where you are either the happiest or the saddest person. No matter what happens on the day and what thoughts go behind the ageing forehead one will at some point feel flattered because of the attention they get: the text messages, the Facebook posts, calls from old friend, tweets from the people they don’t know and a few postcards in their post box all wishing a happy birthday! And of course all of that is followed by a big fat birthday bash exclusive to the best and only friends of theirs.

We are all so fast to put the glamozon on in some club in Mayfair or Soho whilst maxing the credit card to buy the best birthday outfit and eat that cake that’s meant to wash the sours of the a higher number on our age if not the move to the next age box but do we actually stop for at least a minute and consider the outcome of yet another year that has just passed away? Nevertheless the birthday is a mark of getting older just in a much more celebratory way.

So when it comes to birthdays I couldn’t help myself but wonder do we only get old or do we actually become wiser? Is it the life experience that we receive or just few wrinkles there and there? And when it comes to people wishing one a happy birthday is it the sincerity or the pity that’s the real happy birthday message?

Nowadays we tend to set objectives that often regards the age. We keep repeating by the age of 25 I want a real job, by 30 I want my own apartment and by 35 a big rock on my finger. But what if our objectives don’t come in a way we wish they would. What if it only stays as a big dream or worse carries over to the next and the following year. Can we ever be happy without what we have wished for when we were younger and carefree? When there were no reality checks and when it seemed like you’ll never grow out of this teenage life?

Maybe we, well at least I, should stop holding on to the past dreams and start thinking about maybe not so dreamy reality- the presence. And wish I’d only stay wrinkle free and attractively young for as long as I can because the age box will only move up and the life won’t unless you do something about it.