by loonelyboy

Spending a lazy Sunday afternoon with nothing else but the rain outside and a couple of fashion magazines inside I came across an article in the latest issue of i-D. Well an interview to be precise. The star of the ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’: Andrew Garfield was interviewed by Jonathan Crocker for their ‘The lights, camera, action issue’.

After a little trip downtown, a lunch catch up and a few phone calls later I still couldn’t get that interview out of my head and just for the record it wasn’t the only interview I’ve read that morning. You may think I am either a big fan of the actor or the movie but truth to be told I am not a fan of either, well not yet at least as I haven’t seen his performance or the movie. What kept repeating in my head were these three sentences that almost felt like an itching scarf: You have to work for things. I think our generation has a real problem with working for things. We feel entitled.’

As the day kept passing and the word ‘entitled’ kept echoing in my mind I couldn’t help myself but wonder whether we really do feel that way? Have we forgotten what it really takes to get to the top or have we just come up with a different way to get there? And do our expectations “to be” exceed our willingness “to do”?

As a fashion student I keep hearing these phrases coming out of others as well as myself (no excuse here): I could have shot this spread; I could have written this article; I could have been the chosen person to contribute for this magazine. I, I and once again I. We are all fast to call ourselves designers, stylists, PR pros and I won’t even mention the bloggers but are we all so fast to work for it the same way we are to act like ones? Is it really that easy or is it the 21st century’s youth myth? I wish it would be as easy as ‘poof you are a stylist’ but isn’t that a bit too much of a fairy tale. Where did the idea of hard work, unpaid internships and disappointment get lost? Everyone seems to have the tricks to get into fashion shows, after parties and somehow get in touch with the well-known and respected. But after all do all of those count or is it just another illusion of being somebody important?