Take your broke ass home

by loonelyboy

Savings one little one word but one huge and effort consuming idea. I remember the long gone days of carefree thinking where there was no tomorrow, no next week and better off no next year. Where the holidays were pre-paid and the “must have” items didn’t exist or at least didn’t have a meaning.

I as somebody who’s living in London and gets 7 pounds per hour always thought of it as an action far beyond the bounds of possibility. And so I never cared if I had that extra “in case of emergency” money as my income always had the same expiration date on it: use by the next pay-day.

So when it comes to savings I couldn’t help but wonder whether it is something that one may start once his salary reaches more than three zeros or is it really for the ordinary people like me? And more importantly what do we prioritize to cut in order to save? After all isn’t the money better off at exactly where I can see it – my wardrobe?

I always religiously believed in that idea and that is how I prefered to spend or shall I say save my money. It was all good fun when my wishlist was limited to Topman clothes but as I am getting older I star to wonder whether I will always be happy with buying into the same old high street brand or will I want to grow out of it. And how will I manage that. I am starting to realise that more and more often my eyes catch designer goods that people carrying it pass me every day. You may think I just want quality but what I really want is to own some Veblen goods, well at least a couple, like a Mulberry bag. I just think it would make me feel special every day when I would carry it even though for the next year after purchasing it every day I would probably have to carry a £2.5 lunch from tesco’s in it.

So as off today I am saving until I can afford something that will last me years probably equivalent amount of years that i will spend saving for it.